It's Comprehensive

Answer questions, perform quick real-world tests and unlock reports about your child's brain functions in 150+ areas.

It's Scientific

We work with leading researchers and child development experts to make sure that our tests are always reliable.

It's Quick!

Unlocking a new insight about your child takes only 5 minutes everyday. We strive to keep your experience as simple and fun as possible.


It's a match!

Yes! Every time you unlock a report, we match you with parents whose kids are similar to yours in their brain development. Because we know you can understand each other better than anyone else!

Values. Not Features.

We don't care about features. They come and go in our quest to figure out how to add maximum value to your journey as a parent. All we need is a little bit of help from you when you think of a new idea :)

  • Age-specific performance benchmarks

    Not sure how well your child should be doing when it comes to memory or attention or creativity? We've got your covered!

  • Simple but scientific reports

    We don't look at you as mere customers. We believe in your ability to understand the science behind your child's brain development. So bear with us when we go geek mode on you :D

  • Parents like you!

    Larger communities lead to larger noise, unless they are just like you. We make it easy for you to connect and support other parents whose kids are very similar to yours in brain development.

  • Early detection of developmental atypicalities

    Our algorithms have gone through a lot of training to accurately detect any atypical patterns in your child's brain development. Don't worry, expert help is just a tap away when you need it.

Jhanvi Taneja

Mom of Ruchira

I am usually skeptical of brain tests. But Uniq's approach of using real world observations and activities in order to measure Ruchi's mental abilities was a clear winner for me! It made it easy for me to trust the reports I am unlocking every day. Even my daughter gets curious about what today's activities are going to be :)

Meena Raj

Mom of Santhosh

I like how simple the app is. It only takes me a few minutes every day to unlock a new report about my son. Discussing with other parents whose kids are similar to my son has been very useful so far. As parents, we are often handicapped with it comes to expanding our social circle. Uniq makes it happen effortlessly!!

Ravi Banodi

Child Development Specialist

I am greatly impressed by the research ideas and effort that has gone into Uniq. It is by far the most comprehensive framework for tracking brain development and behaviour, not only in kids but also in adults. Such data driven models can literally transform lives if it can provide early detection of common mental health conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

We keep hearing how every child is unique. In no aspect is this more true than in a child's mental development. Often, what makes us unique gives us our own unique set of strengths and shortcomings. Scientifically tracking your child's brain development allows you to become aware of unique needs and opportunities your children may have because of what makes them different from their peers.

Also, the popular sports addage is true - it is much harder to improve abilities we cannot measure.

We are the most comprehensive brain development tracker in the world. We have also built the world's first broad spectrum mental health test that cover 12+ conditions including common atypicalities like ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum and Mood Disorders.

Many of our current models are trained on internationally accepted benchmarks and diagnostic indicators. We often notice that there is a huge need for scientific benchmarks personalized to the Indian population. We are undertaking a large scale study towards this goal and will be updating our models with localized benchmarks soon.

Currently, we are targeting parents whose kids are between the ages of 0 and 16. However, we do have a broad spectrum mental health test for adults that has the ability to screen for 20+ mental health conditions, including mood disorders (depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc) and personality disorders (borderline, narcicistic, schizoid, etc)

We are developing condition-specific tests for common mood disorders, targeting adults and elderly population. It usually takes us many months of research and validation, if not years, in order to launch a new test. But we'll definitely take care of adults too very soon :)

We are a small team of researchers, product specialists, psychologists and startup-folks. Amruth and Amal co-founded the company in 2018. Both of them have successfully built and launched several products before. We're now a team of 6, supported by an advisory panel of doctors, researchers and experienced entrepreneurs.

And yes, we are always hiring! Shoot us an email at if you are interested.

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